Your Inquiries Are Important to Us

International Customers:Please contact me prior to purchase to arrange the least expensive shipping options.  I have found that creating a custom listing for International customers on my Etsy store saves money for everyone.  Etsy allows me to print customs forms from home and I can insure First Class International packages.  I cannot do this if you purchase through my regular webstore.

NO FREE ROSARIES:  I get a large number of requests for free rosaries.  Unfortunately I cannot send free rosaries out.  Instead I have local charities and fundraisers that I participate in.  I am just one person.....and the world is a big place.

Custom orders....Please look through my shop to get an idea of what is in stock as well as my regular prices before you begin a custom order.  My policy is to give each customer 5 free emails, and 1 free estimate to begin.  After that time, if they are still not decided on their choice,  I will ask for a custom order fee of $10.00 that I will apply toward your order.   I will charge an additional $10 for every thirty minutes of custom design work after that time.  Most customers are able to decide well before any extra charges are incurred.  Good customers also understand that this is a reasonable fee for my time, as I have many other customers who also need my assistance.

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