Sacrifice Beads and Sacrifice Bead Bracelets

Sacrifice Beads or Good Deed Beads are sliding wood beads for counting sacrifices or acts of love.  There are 10 beads, on sturdy cord which when pulled, remain in place. The beads also include an Our Father bead so it can double as a one decade rosary.

The origin of these beads goes back to St. Therese of Lisieux, who as a child carried a small string of beads in her pocket to help her count the gifts she offered to God each day. When Therese would practice a virtue, such as letting someone else have their way, or refrain from a vice, such as gossip, she would secretly reach into her pocket and "pull a bead" to Jesus. Some people push the bead towards St. Therese, with each sacrifice and then pull a bead back with each sin. Where will your beads end up at the end of the day?

Sacrifice Bead Tenners

St. Therese Sacrifice Bead Tenners (also called "Good Deed beads") are a string of 10 sliding wood beads that will stay in place where you move them.  I use a quality rosary cord for my string, and lovely wood or horn beads, finished with a lovely solid bronze crucifix and antique reproduction medal. 

Sacrifice Bead Bracelets

Chaplets and Tenners

Handmade CatholicOne Decade Rosaries,Chapletsand Tenners are made for heirloom quality and will last for years when treated with care.The hand turned solid wire chaplets are made for those who are very hard on their rosaries and chaplets.  If you have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I can make a tenner very quickly according to your needs.