About Graceful Rosaries

Hi!  My name is Mary and I am the artisan behind Graceful Rosaries. I am a wife and a mother of seven children.  I love art and creativity....and especially old sacred art.  It is no wonder I can't resist collecting antique medals.  I also love the rosary and had a desire to make rosaries as long as I can remember.  

Making rosaries in a vintage style is a real passion  of mine.  I love the history that are a part of the antique reproduction medals.  On some of the pieces you can still see evidence of the good souls that fingered these medals smoothing the edges through years of prayer.  Some of the medals still have inscriptions of the original owner on the back, with a name, or date.

When I pair gemstones with antique reproduction medals, the whole piece takes on that look of antiquity.   I want each rosary to start a new living history in the life of my customer.  So each sacramental has to last!  I obsess on the details of construction, using the strongest wires in both modern and traditional methods.

My prayer is that these sacramentals will be a treasure to you as they are to me.  An inspiration for a lifetime….old parts with new life! Nothing makes me happier then to hear a customer say that after receiving their Graceful Rosary the beauty alone inspires them to pray more!  Here I am with my husband and youngest child in 2015..I feel honored to be able to create lovely rosaries for wonderful people like you!

May a Graceful Rosary creation be a part of your inspiration!

My Husband, Baby and I

I feel honored to be able to create lovely rosaries for wonderful people like you!

Proverbs 17:6

"Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children."