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Graceful Rosaries

Heirloom, Catholic Rosary, Apatite Gemstone

Heirloom, Catholic Rosary, Apatite Gemstone

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This beautiful hand crafted Catholic Rosary is made with aqua blue Apatite Gemstones.  The traditional wiring construction with heavy chain give an old world look.  Each bead is individually hand turned with thick gauge solid wire.    The rosary parts are solid bronze, antique reproductions hand cast in the USA.   This is a sturdy rosary that will be treasured for years to come. 

Apatite is a mineral that is found in places as diverse as our tooth enamel and Moon rocks! Apatite is a hard mineral that has the ability to trap water within its crystal structure. If all the Moon's surface apatite released its water, there would be enough water to cover the Moon with a sea one meter deep!

Click here to Custom Order this Rosary..  Allow 2-3 weeks for construction.

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