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Graceful Rosaries

Heirloom Rosary, Larvitikite Gemstones and Sterling Silver

Heirloom Rosary, Larvitikite Gemstones and Sterling Silver

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This Heirloom Rosary has beads of Larvitikite, commonly known as Blue Pearl Granite.  This stone displays an optical phenomenon called the Schiller Effect. Microscopically thin layers of feldspar paired together at minute distances from one another are quite specifically oriented within the gemstone, making a highly directional iridescent display. At some angles the light encounters no thin layers and no effect is seen, in other directions of view one sees a silvery iridescence play of light beneath the surface. This mysterious play of light within the bluish-black stone matches up well with the pure shone of the sterling silver. The pair shaped Pater Beads created an added interest to this lovely prayer piece.

Suitable for a man or woman.

Click here to Custom order this rosary.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for construction.  

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