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Graceful Rosaries

St. Joseph Heirloom Bronzite Rosary 8mm

St. Joseph Heirloom Bronzite Rosary 8mm

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This rosary is inspired by St. Joseph, a carpenter of royal lineage, a leader whose decisions were corrected by angels, a sinner in charge of a sinless household.  The Bronzite Ave Gemstones evoke the masculine simplicity which must have filled St. Joseph's carpenter's shop, and the humility of the sinner who guarded the Savior of the World and the Mother of God.  The solid antiqued brass Our Father cage beads suggest the dignity of the head of the Holy Family, the elegance of St. Joseph's royal lineage, and the confidence of a man instructed by angels.  

Like St. Joseph, this rosary is beautiful but modest, humble but confident, strong but unassuming.  The center is a large 1-3/4" long image of St. Joseph holding the baby Jesus and the Crucifix is a 2-1/4" solid bronze reproduction of the Double Nimbus Crucifix.  This strong rosary is turned in 20 gauge solid bronze wire so that it will hold up to a man's heavy use.  This heirloom rosary is sure to be a family treasure, passed on from father to son (or son-in-law!) for many a generation.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pater beads have been upgraded since this photo was taken.  If you are interested in this rosary, I will send to you a photo of the new Pater beads before I construct it.

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