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Graceful Rosaries

Crucifix, Old Elegant

Crucifix, Old Elegant

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This Old Elegant Crucifix, is a large and lovely rosary supply.  Made of solid metal it measures 2 1/4" tall.

We offer the finest quality rosary supplies. Our crucifixes, centers, medals and findings, are hand cast in the United States using the lost wax method of casting. Each piece has the character of the original antique that was used to create the mold. The solid metal parts have a beautiful patina which gives them their vintage character.  These parts can be polished as needed and they do not wear through.  Additionally it is worth noting that this is an individual casting which means there is more labor involved then the mass produced rosary parts that flood our Catholic gift shops.  The value of this piece is in the solid metal, the strength,  and the unsurpassed beauty of these old world medals.  We use a wholesale mark-up that is below retail because we value our customers, and fellow rosary makers.  We hope that you are inspired by these vintage pieces as much as we are!

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